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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An Afternoon on the Farm

What a fun day yesterday was. Despite the 107 degree temps, we ventured 30 minutes north to visit our friends, the Cottens, and their farm. Actually, it's not a farm so much as it is a home in New River which is zoned for all sorts of animals, and they have enough acreage to accommodate four children, 5 or 6 horses, a dozen chickens, a dog, and four cows (am I missing anything?). There were no red barns, overalls, or straws of hay poking out of our mouths. The kids had a BLAST--I think it was the first real life, non-Baby Einstein DVD-related farm animal experience for the twins. The babies lit up at the sights and sounds (and smells?) of the animals and just wanted to "touch! touch!" them.

And here is Jenna later that night at home with her new prized possession. The Cotten boys allowed Jenna to keep a precious (old, rusty, unusable) horseshoe she found laying about. She is thrilled. She would sleep with it under her pillow if her mean mother would just let her.

Thanks, Cotten family, for showing us such a great time! We will make plans soon to return!

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