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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hotter than Hades today

As if I would let a weekend go by without completely whoring out (via blog--not actually selling their bodies) my children. Today was as hot as the surface of the sun (okay, it was only 108 degrees), so we hung out in the kiddie pool and sprinkler to cool off and get a break from DVD's. Jenna was in rare form. The babies had messy faces, matted just-napped hair do's, and no swimsuits on, so there are no pictures of them today. LOL.

Facebook'ers, there's a video here--must link to origina post to see this one.

Happy June!


  1. What a ham! We just filled Nicholas's little 3 ft. pool with water and are waiting for it to warm up some before we put him in. Send some heat our way!