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Monday, June 22, 2009

26 months ago--a walk down memory lane

When I was about 25 weeks pregnant with the twins, we had a very dramatic pre-term labor scare and I was hospitalized on bedrest. We thought I would stay hospitalized until 36 weeks (holy crap, right?), but as it turned out, miracles occured and I was sent home in just under two weeks.

Anyway, so I was going back through some thoughts I had typed out during that time frame--what with their 2nd birthday approaching this week, I was getting sentimental, I guess. And I came across this narrative. It cracked me up so thoroughly that I wanted to share it with everyone.

I'd nearly forgotten about this little gem of a woman. So many things were happening at the time, and obviously gossip about the lady next door shouldn't have ever taken priority over the life-and-death drama I was personally dealing with. But I got such a kick out of rereading this. Enjoy!

Some things to share about the patient in the room next door.
Purely unproductive gossip. But I find it interesting, considering the lack of other interesting things to pay attention to here.

She's 2 weeks ahead of me, pg with a singleton, and is here due to preterm labor. She shouldn't be out of bed for any reason, yet she frequently leaves her room to visit the nurses station for a pen or to throw something away, therefore I see her. She wears satin nighties. That is all she wears. No robe. Sometimes the nightie is black satin, sometimes leopard-print satin.

She is an attorney. Her family comes to see her regularly, and every 2nd or 3rd day they bring a roller suitcase with them...have no idea what could be in it, since she doesn't wear clothes. Her her is stringy/frizzy, and she is quite skinny. She is a diagnosed anorexic, and her baby belly is very, very tiny--I didn't even know she was pregnant when I first saw her, even from a side view.

The nurses and even the cafeteria were unable to adequately keep up with her requests for toast, so they brought a toaster up to her room. She burns her toast about once per day. Blech.

She has a daughter who visits everyday who is a couple weeks older than Jenna, and it's sweet to hear a voice similar to Jenna's when Jenna's not here.

Three times this week, when a doctor has knocked and entered her room, he's backed out of the room and explains to the nurses in surprise, "She's buck naked in there". So, I don't really get her. I'm pretty sure I don't care for her, though.


  1. That's hilarious! What a wacky lady! At least you got to laugh while you were there!

  2. teee heee!!!! This makes me giggle!!! Oh the joys of hospital stays!!