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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I totally heart my Wii.

We've had the Wii for a couple months now (thanks, IRS stimulus check!), and I have to admit that I am not a video game person and haven't bothered playing a single game. Until the other day, that is, when I finally opened up the Wii Fit. It is so cool! I did a hula hooping game this morning and it told me I'm a good calorie burner! Who knew? I bet it's the clothes. I'm sporting the pink Nike outfit today and am channeling my energy into figuring out this new Wii Fit.

Excersize had to wait, though, until I played around with the Mii's out there. I added so many celebrity Mii's to our system today--Hulk Hogan, Tom Cruise, Hello Kitty, C3P0, Paris Hilton, Conan O'Brien, Scooby Doo and Lucy (from Peanuts), just to name a few. I'm pretty sure my husband will get majorly annoyed that Paris is on there now and he'll probably delete her. But it's so much more fun playing, say, Wii Baseball, now that the teams are fleshed out with such fun faces! Before today, the only other Mii's we had out there on the field, besides our own selves, were Batman, Chuck Norris, and Jack Black. Clearly, this whole business of adding Mii's needed a woman's touch. ;)


  1. You know Cass, I think your review is the most convincing I've seen yet for the Wii! I'd not been tempted 'til I envisioned your "team!"

    (and I love your fitness outfits below...hmm...wonder if there's anything left of my stimulus check! ;) )

  2. Cheryl, you know, we initially decided on the Wii because it's supposed to be so innovative and get us up off the couch and get a little bit active. Phoenix in the summertime is so dang hot that we spend no time outside, except for going to and from the car, so we had high hopes that the Wii could substitute for actual creative, physical play for our 4 year old. We were absolutely right about that. I imagine that for those who live in cold climates, you could use the Wii in the winter for the same reason I use it in the summer. And even better, you can make it a Christmas gift! We didn't want to wait until Christmas, as that would have defeated the purpose! And I bet school-aged kids like yours would really love a Wii. But anyway. I'm stepping off my soapbox now. Tee hee!

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