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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Well, at least my house is a lot cleaner.

The screen on my laptop--my best friend--bit the dust. Went bye-bye. All black. I got nothin'.

To check my email now, play Word Twist on Facebook, and to blog, I have to drag myself upstairs into no-woman's land and use the desktop computer. So, I don't. Not very often, anyway.

It sort of sucks, because I am very much addicted to the internet. But it's sort of great, because I'm actually doing stuff around the house, playing with my kids, and Wii'ing more. These are all good things. So I guess it's good that my laptop died. It's showing me that my days are still overflowingly busy even if I check email only once (GASP!) per day.

And if you notice that I don't reply to an email within 5 minutes, or I have Word Twist games stacking up untouched for days, or I only blog once a month, don't think I have just been hit by a truck. I am still just adjusting to my lack of connectivity to the world! And finding that there is still a wonderful world out there in my backyard, literally. :)

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