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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

European Vacation. Anyone?

Will anyone take my kids, so that I can go to Europe? I mean, I know the name of this blog is related to the Bahamas, and so you'd think that would be my go-to vacation spot. But I want someplace cool. I want...London. Two weeks. The last time, we took tour buses throughout the country and did all the touristy things. The next time, I want to visit Scotland and Wales, maybe, but otherwise I want to chill out and consume cheese and Carlsburg in Hyde Park, while I read books and pretend like I have a British accent. Maybe watch the original The Office in the evening. And tolerate my husband dragging me to soccer matches that I pretend not to like but secretly somewhat enjoy, given that I've consumed enough Carlsburg and all.

I have the money and the frequent flyer miles to get there--um, with my husband, of course. But I won't take my kids, they're too little and I'm too selfish. Boo hoo, it was so easy when it was just one child! Or none! Ahh, I almost remember those days, if I mute the TV and think really hard. We would literally pack up and go anywhere on a moment's notice. And for free. But that was before 9/11 and before the airlines got all snooty with the number of available frequent flyer seats. The good old days, you know?

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  1. Hey, that's what grandma & grandpa are for! :) I can't imagine the flight there with kids, wouldn't that just be torture? I could use a european vacation, that sounds lovely.