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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Fun!

Ryan House is a state-of-the-art pediatric hospice and palliative care home in Phoenix for children with life threatening diseases.  But once you're a part of the Ryan House family, you're always welcome--and that's how we found ourselves celebrating Halloween over the weekend, a few days early!

The kids put their costumes on (Jenna was a leopard, Kyle was Han Solo, and Lauren was a black cat), together we set foot into Ryan House and that was the last time I saw all the kids together in the same area at the same time.  They all took off in different directions a moment later.

Jenna enjoyed the playground and the pumpkin painting craft table.

Lauren enjoyed the face painting and playing games.

Kyle wasn't interested in much other than convincing the staff to turn on the Wii (they didn't) and playing with the drinking fountain.

Do you like Lauren's black kitty cat costume?  It has an interesting story behind it.  Check it here.

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