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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Play ball!

Him:  You know, this field is named after Dan Haren.

Me:  Yes, I knew that!  Hey, funny story:  Kyle's first major league baseball game was on Dan Haren bobblehead night.  He wasn't obsessed with baseball then like he is now, but Dan's bobblehead is still in the lineup on his headboard.  Recently he asked me who Dan Haren is, as he read the name on the front of the bobblehead stand.  I explained that he used to be a Dback, but was traded for Patrick Corbin, Tyler Skaggs and Joe Saunders (Kyle knows who all these pitchers are, faces memorized).  Kyle asked me to turn the bobblehead around so he could see the back of the jersey.  He announced, "Number fifteen, Josh Bell!"  I told him no it's not Josh Bell, but his jersey number used to belong to Dan Haren.  Isn't that funny!  hahaha!

Him:  Sounds like he needs a Dan Haren bobblehead in an Angels uniform.

"Him" turned out to be Dan Haren Sr.  I think he's bringing his son's bobblehead next week to give to Kyle.  Color us humbled!


Another great night with Miracle League Arizona!  Unfamiliar with the Miracle League or have a special needs child who would benefit from playing a team sport?  Click here.

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