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Thursday, August 16, 2012

New School Year! Hooray? Yes! Hooray!

We've been experiencing major technical issues with the twins' afternoon school bus.  Our morning bus is big enough for their chairs and comes with a well-seasoned team of driver + aid, but the afternoon bus was a different bus and new folks to train.  It's now been resolved, but it was very stressful around here for a few days.  If Google can be trusted, then the twins' electric wheelchairs together cost more than the average school bus, which actually does not make me feel any better about the average school bus.  I thought they were more expensive than that, and believe me they're still really expensive.

On the plus side, they LOVE kindergarten!  And the school seems to be adapting to them very well.  Shout outs to the accepting parents who dote on them and us and make me feel so much more comfortable with our new school situation.

I'd be remiss to not acknowledge their teachers and aide.  I am confident that they are The Best.

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