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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Make A Wish--Kyle Edition

Kyle finally made his Wish.  In a real way.

As I changed his clothes a few weeks ago he was gazing at the poster of Chase Field next to his bed--while his Arizona Diamondbacks bobbleheads and other paraphenelia gazed down upon him--and he turned his head to me, furrowed his brow, and said, "Mom.  I just want to be a real baseball player.  Can you call Make A Wish and tell them?"

That's when I knew.  THIS was his real Wish.  We had been waiting and waiting.  I suspected it would be something related to baseball, and he has made remarks about what his Wish would be over the last year since he became eligible for a Wish.

But never did he seem so thoughtful--so wistful--as when he turned his face to me and I knew deep in my heart that THIS is his Wish.  "You only get one Wish, you know.  You really wish to be a real baseball player?"  His reply was affirmative.  I consulted Chris, who agreed that this was the right decision.

I contacted Make A Wish to tell them that Kyle was ready for his interview.  Kyle--just 5 years old--maintained throughout his interview that he just wanted to be a real baseball player, so his commitment to his Wish decision was clear.  And then a Dbacks game happened to start on TV here at home while his interview was happening, and that's when the interview essentially ended.  Nothing distracts this kid from a Dbacks game.  Sometimes I wonder if the players know that there are people like Kyle depending on them to make their day by knocking one out of the park.  (Our guys do their best to do that at every at bat, I know that. And they almost always deliver!)

After further questioning, I've determined that Kyle's definition of being a "real baseball player" involves swinging a standard wooden bat at a standard ball.  He would need help to do that, but I have full confidence that Make A Wish will make it happen.

(Technically, we don't know how or if Make A Wish will or can grant his Wish, but we're on the edges of our seats to see how it all goes down.)

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