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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk Or Treat '11

The kids enjoyed Halloween Part 1 tonight--a church sponsored trunk-or-treat event!  This is such a fun age to watch kids enjoy Halloween!  They had so much fun.  Lauren is so pleased with her costume that she might just continue wearing it to bed for the next few weeks.  Jenna made quite the stylish ballerina princess--probably because her new Twinkle Toes cost more than all of the rest of her costume combined.  Kyle barely looked in costume (a pirate) since he wouldn't wear the pirate hat ("too scratchy") and his mother misplaced the pirate shirt (vest?) and so improvised with a pocket tee (if pirates didn't have pockets, they deserved the scurvy).  Therefore, he was mostly a kid driving around in striped pants and otherwise in street clothes, begging people for candy.  This only bothers me when the candy is cheap and tonight it wasn't, so you won't find me complaining tonight.  Also, this was Kyle's plan B costume--his eventual award-worthy frock is still being built by our good friend Marie, so we sort of half assed it tonight.

I took video, for those of you who are unfamiliar with how a Trunk or Treat works.  My video is actually not very interesting otherwise, but that's because there were too many third parties wandering around who I could not control and so just filmed the kids doing their thing.

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  1. Love the head and tail lights! They are perfect for Halloween! I'm so glad you insisted on them. Love that the twins able to be on their own with just verbal cues from mom or dad! Of course, all three look beautiful! Perhaps you should put the video on You Tube title, why you need lights on your power chair!