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Friday, October 7, 2011

Long week.

All three kiddos are fully entrenched into their school years.  Planned surgeries are over with until next summer, post-op visits are almost finished.  Flu season is about to begin, and so the family goes on lock down in T minus one week.

And here we approach our biggest fundraising season.  This is the time when I usually dig deep down and fumble through some dark, philosophical thoughts to ramble something here compelling enough to garner some of my friends/readers to donate bucks to our cause.  This week, the twins have provided me with some particular thoughts regarding their disease and their abilities, and so my typical post pleading for donations has practically written itself.

It's been a long week.  A week testing my patience, my sanity while raising a seven year old and four year old twins, and my creativity in responding to some difficult expectations and questions my twins have for their futures.  They're only four.  Why must they test me in such ways or think so long-term?  I'll write about it soon.  Our cause needs your buck and I need to vent, so it's good timing.

Until then, I hope you and yours are happy and healthy.  And I hope you're washing hands like there's no tomorrow.  It's almost flu season, ya'lls.


  1. It would help to try to find time to post more often, that way people wont "forget" you're out there, especially when you're preparing to ask for money.

    I tend to find that the families who blog several times a week, if not daily, have more success with their fundraising. Especially if the use lots of adorable pics of adorable kiddies as incentives!

    I know this may sound blunt to say.. and Im certain blogging is a huge undertaking, so dont take my comments wrong...

    good luck!

  2. True, true. That's the paradox, isn't it? The disease is so stressful, serious, and time-consuming that we're too busy being stressed out, emotionally spent, and busy managing daily life that it's nearly impossible to blog about it on any sort of a regular basis. And you're right, undoubtedly we raise awareness of the disease with each new blog post, and that could directly affect the success of our fundraising endeavors. I need to become more disciplined about all this! Thank you. :)

  3. Just joined you blog...we have one as well at:

    This will be our first "flu" season since Ella's diagnosis...any suggestions on how to best protect her from the germs out there besides what we normally do for our kids? (she is 16 months old) Thanks...