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Monday, October 24, 2011

SMA Wingfest!

First, there were two boys who like to eat and had not seen each other in months.  But then in a bizarre display of creativity and healthy appetites, they decided to try to out-eat each other in hot wings for a good cause.

Suddenly, these boys had various friends sign on, they created a website, procured a sponsor (Buffalo Wild Wings!) and turned what was just a pissing contest into a legitimate, entirely fun and creative fundraiser for one of our favorite charities--The Gwendolyn Strong Foundation.

Read (and listen, if you're a fan of the Canadian accent) about the event here.  Support Chris' efforts here.

Ultimately, GSF and all SMA families are the big winners here--GSF funds critical research to find a cure for SMA.  If you'll check your notes from last class, we all hate SMA.  And this crazy excuse for friends to hang out and eat chicken wings has raised over $2,000 for GSF.  I have no words to express how stunned, humbled, and honored we are to have such amazing, generous friends.

Enormous thanks go to our neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings, who is not only reserving space for our crowd that night but is also providing wings for the contestants on their own dime!  We are so thrilled.  Money we don't spend on this event means more money to GSF which means more money to fancy academics in lab coats who want to add "cured a pretty terrible disease" to their resumes.  Help us pad their resumes.  Be there or be square.

What: SMA Wingfest (on Twitter:  #SMAwingfest)
Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2011
Time: 7pm
Where:  Buffalo Wild Wings  2510 W Happy Valley Road--between Best Buy and the Harkins Theaters.
Scroll down to read about the teams and donate:

If online payment is not an option, send your check with "SMA Wingfest" in the memo line directly to GSF:
Gwendolyn Strong Foundation
27 W. Anapamu Street, #177
Santa Barbara, California 93101

Thank you, all who have donated so far!  We are so thrilled with your response and can't wait to see the final results from this nutty event!

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