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Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo--How About You, You You?

I took the twins to the zoo on Monday to kick off a sickly-yet-epically-fun week of Spring Break. It was gorgeous weather--the temp was about 68 degrees F that morning. It was our first trip there with both wheelchairs, and it went pretty well, actually. The twins gave up and asked for driving help when we found ourselves in crowds, and then as the morning wore on and they grew a little tired, but overall I am very proud of them. I am proud of Jenna, for hanging in there with us, keeping helpful and upbeat, and not getting impatient. I am proud of all the kids we met at the zoo, who kept their hands off the wheelchair controls and stayed friendly and respectful. And I give a big "thumbs down" to the zoo's policy to allow families on bicycles on the property. I have nothing against bicycles, but I do have something against the heart attack near-misses I endured as my children attempted to avoid getting run over by the same damned family on bicycles. Poppycock!

The highlight of the day was when I realized the twins can't seem to pronounce "flamingo". Even Lauren, who's verbal skills are sometimes better than my own, says "fum-a-lingo". Flamingo. Fumalingo. This will never not be funny.

Kyle was not feeling like having his photo taken. I have no photo of him at the zoo, beyond the last shot which mostly serves simply as evidence that he was present.

Here, the girls pose on the zoo's little Mexican cobblestone street that's supposed to teach us that Mexico has real animals (and not just drunk American tourists).

Lauren poses outside the tortoise exhibit.

Lauren demands I snap a pic of her giving a "silly face". Her sense of silly has a ways to go, but "A" for effort, Padawan.

Me: Yay, let's pose for a pretty picture! Them: A BUNNY RABBIT JUST RAN INTO THE BRUSH. Me: I really can't compete with a live animal running loose in a zoo.


  1. Aww looks like fun
    Love the silly pic.
    we are having a fun but long March break

  2. This took me back to my teaching days in another life - music class ('Zoo' was a favorite song) and taking wheelchairs and walkers to the zoo and singing ALL the way.

    And it took me back to when our grown kids were little.

    Fun and a tiny bit bittersweet :)