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Friday, March 25, 2011

Muscle Walk 2011

The annual Muscular Dystrophy Association Muscle Walk is being held tomorrow in Phoenix. This is the day when I wake up the four other members of my family at 0-dark'thirty to head down to Tempe by 7:15am to join a couple thousand other "walkers" (technically speaking, many of them are "rollers") to raise money for the MDA.

Did you know that the MDA offers free clinics staffed with some of the best neurologists, therapists, and wheelchair/medical device experts ever assembled so that those with muscular dystrophy can consult with experts on their care? No muscular dystrophy case is the same, so there is enormous value in having access to these centers of excellence where one can be confident in the advice given for our varieties of medical needs.

The MDA also funds critical research towards treatments and cures for the 40+ types of muscular dystrophy. They provide opportunities to places like Harvard, Yale, Emory, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Temple, St. Jude's, UCSD, University of Michigan, Laval University (Canada), and University of Rome (Italy) to CURE. THIS. DISEASE.

The MDA also provides my family with a local, tangible, helpful support system consisting of compassionate MDA staffers and other MDA families where we have found community, advice, and moral support crucial to our financial (and mental!) stability. If my three year old twins had to be diagnosed with a terminal disease, we couldn't be luckier to find ourselves with such an amazing extended family like this.

I don't expect to raise a ton of dough for my MDA. But do me a favor and click this link and read our story. If you're curious as to how muscular dystrophy affects my children and my family, click here and here and here. Donate if you feel compelled, but if you can't right now, that's okay--I have two other fundraisers later this year in which you might choose to participate. :)

Lastly, our family was featured on our local Fox news broadcast earlier this week. The focus of the news story is on the one year anniversary of "Obamacare" and how it has positively affected local families. I tend to keep my political opinions to myself, but suffice it to say that the segment made the kids seem almost as charming as they are in real life. :)

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