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Monday, March 21, 2011

I still wouldn't call myself a "writer", but...

I like a challenge. I enjoy entertaining people. I don't mind being a parent. I don't have a day job. Or a night job. I know my way around a keyboard. For all this, I was invited to sign on as a weekly contributor to a friend's blog--a blog that gets thousands of hits per month, woot woot!

The content I publish there is not like the content I publish here--my Bahamas blog is essentially an open letter to my sister on how her nieces and nephew are doing (you're welcome, sis), whereas my column at Everyday Childhood is more a top-down look at parenting with a sense of humor. Except by "top-down", I'm referring to peeking into my life from above--I don't actually take my top off, you weirdos. I save that for a different kind of blog. (snort)

My words at Everyday Childhood run on Tuesdays--because in the wide, wide world of the interwebz, Tuesday is known as "Twin Tuesday", and I have twins. So far a lot of my posts there have not a lot to do with twins. But I do have them, and so I staked a claim to Tuesday over there. I do my best to publish my Twin Tuesday stuff by the time I'm finished with my first quiet cup of coffee of the morning.

I am not employed by them, I receive no compensation for my writing, there are no ads on the site. I participate for my own satisfaction, and just to be read, quite frankly. Ah, though sometimes Kelly buys me a cup of coffee. I reserve the right to recycle a post from here, or to use a post I've published here to kick-start a more embellished post there, so you may encounter some familiar stories as time goes on. If you find anything offensive, unpleasant, or otherwise not entertaining, well--in the words of Shaggy--"it wasn't me". You can access my archive there by clicking here.

1 comment:

  1. So glad you're sharing your writing elsewhere, too... because you ARE a writer!

    And your kids are exceptionally cute :)