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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Day of School 2010

Yesterday was pretty exciting--Jenna started the first grade and the twins started preschool.

Here's Jenna. She claimed it was too bright outside to open her eyes. I took 8 photos and this was the best one. She does this to me every year. Hm, perhaps I need to take the hint and snap her pic while she is in her classroom rather than outside? Brilliant!

The twins also started school. Now that they're three years old, the school district is required to offer them preschool services for free, based on their developmental delays. The preschool located at Jenna's school was full, so they are enrolled at the next school over. We haven't had time to arrange bus service, and since we don't have an accessible van yet I have to transport them in their car seats and the school has regular umbrella strollers to manage them for now. So, in the mornings they'll play, have circle time, sing songs, and get physical and occupational therapy at school, and then I pick them up at lunch time. Here is the big boy and big girl on their first day of school--again, hard to get decent photos of smiling children when it's so hot and humid and bright outside!

It was an exhausting day. We're still moving out of the old house. Our new house is filled with boxes. We hope to have the old house up for rent before the end of August--wish us luck!