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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Million Dollar Idea! Golfers, Keep Reading.

Summer golf league is off and running, and Jenna wants to golf with me sometimes. That's understandable. It makes me sad, though, that golf can't be a family activity for us because of the twins' disability. Chris golfs (he's better than me) (which actually isn't saying much), Jenna could golf with us, but the twins don't have the arm strength or hand dexterity to swing a club.

A-ha! I have an idea--mark the calendar.

What if there could be a way to mount our golf bags on the twins' powerchairs? Can you imagine! The twins could be the only three year olds in the world who understand "the 90 degree rule". They could get so good at observing my game that they suggest which club to use at that tricky spot when I'm 120 yards from the green (they'll know the distance based on the golf Garmin that I shall mount to the arms of their joysticks) and on a bad lie--4? 5? 6 iron? It's a crapshoot with me at that distance and a cruddy lie, really.

There must be a way for this to happen. On the Permobil C300, it's easy--just insert the clubs on the platform behind the seat (or rather, prop them up out of the top of the opening if necessary), and secure them with some sort of hefty belt. But the K450 presents a dilemma. There is no real platform behind the seat of the K450, so that only leaves the sides. And there's no legitimate platform on either side on which a bag can rest. This might require a DIY add-a-platform-to-wherever-it-will-fit project. And the bad news is that I did not take shop class in school--I was a violinist, so I gave up a class on practical, real life experience in order to goof around in the band room. I might need some help.

I emailed Josh the wheelchair guy tonight, and he promised he can find a way to custom-mount my bag on that K450--sweet! But I'm not sure I believe him...

But hey! I'm a mom! And a mom of twins! Is there anything we can't do? Any problem I can't solve? I think not. So, I give you this:



Done and DONE!

Sometimes I'm just so awesome that I amaze even myself. You'd think I'd be used to so much Awesome by now.

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  1. Hi girl - saw you over at Debi's . Can't believe I have not seen you before but yes, we also had twin boys not expected.