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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekend Update

I love love LOVE watching the twins be self-mobile. You can imagine how often they can't do exactly what they want to do on a daily basis. I post this video not because anyone is being cute or funny, but because I want to share the thrill of watching them engage with their sibling in normal, outside play. Notice that Lauren's seat has been lowered so that she can reach the windows to the house very easily--Kyle will have the same ability, if we ever get his powerchair pushed through insurance/CRS.

In other news, week 1 of golf league is behind me. I shot something like a 96 (nine holes, folks), and that was with cheating. Twice. I am not proud. I promise to do better this week. Not to mention that I initially took off for the first hole with my bag unsecured, so the twosome behind me nearly ran over my clubs when they fell out. A clever cart boy got me fixed up in a jiffy, though, sparing me some embarrassment in case there was anyone who didn't see it actually happen. Said cart boy had a disparaging remark about Chelsea Football Club, though, so maybe he's not so clever (no tip for him). I have a CFC head cover, and the smarty pants showed that he doesn't know anything by announcing his loyalty to Manchester United. pfftttt.

Though I did out-drive my male golf partners on two holes. Ooooh, burn.

Also, my friend Julie started a new blog. It's her forum to share things that she finds on her journey to awesomeness--low-cal meal recipes and exercise, plus humor and inspiration. Subscribe to her blog. All the cool kids are doing it.

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  1. I love seeing that they can interact with Jenna more and play now that they mobile. But it did break my heart to hear Lauren say she wanted to go in the playhouse. I thought of you this morning. I was reading an article in the paper about a new handicap accessible park that has now opened. Do you know about it? I think it was on 27th ave. So not too far away.