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Friday, April 2, 2010

Powerchairs at the Park

Today, I had the gumption (and an extra set of helper hands, in my mother) to make two trips to the wheelchair accessible park nearby to bring all three children and the two powerchairs for some fun in this gorgeous Phoenix winter weather.

This park isn't particularly big, but the playground set can easily handle multiple powerchairs, and the twins LOVED it.

Don't get me started on how choked up a parent can get when their two year olds go where they want to go because that's what they damn well please. They can't crawl or walk, so if they want to get from here to there, they have to communicate that desire to me, so that I can pick them up and carry them. I never aim to guilt-trip parents of able-bodied children (especially considering that 1/3 of my children is able-bodied), but really, if your kids are "typical" kids, and you can imagine life in my twins' shoes (and so many of you already can), the concept of self-mobility is a life-changer. I RELISH the occasions when they can be in their chairs and go wherever they damned well please.

Hey look, a basketball court is right over there!

The adapted swing.

This is the Telephone Pioneers of America park and it's one hell of a wheelchair accessible place. It's where I guess we'll be visiting soon when the twins tire of being unable to ride up onto the play structure at their preschool. (Hey--it's true. I'm just saying.)


  1. Oh Cass, LOOK at those smiles! What a wonderful, wonderful park...and a wonderful, wonderful Mom and Grandma for facilitating the visit.

    Hoping you all have a fantastic Easter!

  2. I am such a sucker for Kyle & Lauren!! I am crying happy tears for you and them too!! Happy Easter to the Byrd family!!!

  3. What fun! I wish we had a park like that near where we live!

  4. Those smiles say it all! I also love the photo where they are both just heading over to check something out (like every other 2 year old)! I'm looking forward to the day that ALL parks are built to be accessible!!!