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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kitchen Sink

A quick update...

Kyle is doing just fine. He bounced back like nothing ever happened. I just have to handle him a little carefully still, and continue applying the antibiotic ointment at each diaper change. Otherwise, he's at 100%. I cannot believe our luck. (Obviously, I've discontinued the codeine since the hives incident.)

Jenna is steam rolling into the end of her kindergarten year. ZOMG where has the time gone? She's such a smarty pants with such personality. And she's made some great friends in her class, who happen to have pretty great parents with whom I enjoy bantering and commiserating. If we end up moving out of boundary for this school, I will be sad to leave these families.

Lauren is Lauren. No update there. To know her is to love her.

Chris just booked his trip for his twenty year high school reunion in July. In Mississippi. He's a masochist.

I am busy tuning up my golf game, as league play begins next week. Also busy cheering for the Coyotes--Hockey is my latest passion. And by "passion", I absolutely mean "overwhelming obsession". Seriously, people, how did it take the universe 33 (?) years to introduce me to hockey? Oh, yeah, it was my boy Sid Crosby and Team Canada at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Of course, the Sedins only further my obsession. I am fully a Coyotes AND Canucks fan and if you don't know what I'm talking about then it's your loss. Seriously. NHL--Look into it. Coyotes won their Game 1 last night (a game I attended, btw), and Canucks shall win their Game 1 tonight--puck drops in 2 hours.

Cutest Coyotes fans ever:

Kenny (Stacie's man-friend) and me at the Coyotes game last night:


  1. so great to hear kyle's surgery went so well! you look like you're having a great time at the hockey game too...:)

  2. Your energy level is addictive. Super mom and rabid fan. Obviously I approve!

  3. I'm so glad he's doing better.

    Get thee to my blog, there's something there for you :)