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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This Week's 411:

1. Chris is sick. He's been quarantined to the game room upstairs, and tomorrow he goes to my parents' house if his symptoms are worse.

2. Jenna's asthma is acting up these days. Hello, Phoenix has had HALF OF OUR ANNUAL RAINFALL already, 8 weeks into the year. She does have allergies, so we'll continue enjoying these high pollen/mold counts for at least another month. And by "enjoying" I mean "oh em gee are you kidding me get on the nebulizer like right now, kid".

3. Lauren has been pretty sickly over the last few days. As any SMA family knows, a hint of cough or congestion or any respiratory concern is enough to put the entire family on alert. We were fortunate that day 1 only required some raised eyebrows and general attentiveness, but then day 2 (yesterday) was a hardcore Cough Assist/suction/repeat day. It's gotta be bad when the girl says, in response to my inquiry about needing Cough Assist, "yes, and I want the suction, too, Mommy."

4. Kyle was recently re-evaluated for speech therapy. Surprise surprise, he's behind in his speech, but now we're confident that the issue isn't that he's behind, but more that his sisters are so.far.advanced. Seriously, you show me a 2 year old who can speak intelligently about macular degeneration and I'll show you a photo of my Lauren.

5. Me: I sprained my ankle two weeks ago and am still not well. I am in tears over it. I just discovered jogging in December, and now my progress is so stunted. There are half marathons that I wanted to register for, but I can't right now. I feel so lazy and unproductive, and THIS is the best time of year to be jogging in Phoenix. At this rate, the high temp will be 90 degrees F before I can get back out there. I try try TRY to rest this ankle, but these three kids are really cramping my style when it comes to resting. Other than that, I have finalized my trip plans to the FSMA conference in Santa Clara in June, and am soooo looking forward to my girl's weekend in Vancouver in July! Now, all I need is a solid reason to go visit Vegas...! Also, thanks to the Olympics, I am addicted to ice hockey. Also possibly addicted to Dbacks and March Madness (UA). Also? Twitter. Sigh.

Pending: preschool meetings regarding a wheelchair accessible playground; Kyle's wheelchair approval by insurance; contract on our new wheelchair-accessible house at Norterra.

Investigating: the Telephone Pioneers of America park, and the 3/24 grand opening of a special needs baseball park!

Reading: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs by Chuck Klosterman. Can't believe it took me this long to get to it, but it's been so rewarding. I highly recommend.

Wishing: for a healed ankle and for sunshine.


  1. okay, when I read that you sprained your ankle I immediately thought of your dad. And that jog he took by our hold house one afternoon and he totally fell and injured himself. I hope your ankle is better soon. But more importantly, I hope Lauren is better!

  2. Yes, Lauren is suddenly all better--sorry, I should have update that again!

    Yeah, that jogging accident of Dad's caused a separated ankle and broken wrist... months of physical therapy, etc. Good times!