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Friday, March 19, 2010

Fajitas and Filming (though, sadly, not filming fajitas)

This week, we have the pleasure of the company of our pal Big Marv. He's here to film a documentary on SMA with us, but he's such a good friend and we get to see him so rarely, so we're thrilled he found an excuse to come and hang with us.

Tonight, we dragged him off to Fajitas for dinner. I don't have a photo of Marvin at dinner, but here's a hysterical (to me) video of Kyle trying to raise his eyebrows up and down. (If viewing this post on Facebook, see the video via this link:

Regarding the documentary that Marvin is working on for us, a few more details can be found over at Byrds For a Cure.

And please, vote for Stop SMA in the Pepsi Refresh contest! You do have to register yourself on the site, but then you can vote for us everyday this month--right now we're in first place! C'mon! All the cool kids are doing it!

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  1. I think the video is funny. I once taught a 1year old to wink. Ah, Fajitas.