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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Therapy is Working!

We experienced some "shock and awe" today during the twins' physical therapy when Kyle showed us a trick. He doesn't get to sit on the floor very often, because he tips over and mashes his nose into the floor (so sad when that happens), so imagine our surprise when he propped himself up on one arm and then lifted up his knee. He hasn't shown much awareness of his legs or feet at all, so the fact that it occurs to him to move his leg is a pretty amazing thing.

Not to be outdone, Lauren knows how to sit in a Tomato chair with Henry the Octopus and squeal "cheese!"

Tomorrow, we get to hang out in Tempe with the MDA to help meet and greet folks at the Lock-Up there. That will be the last indoor/crowded place we go to for the season, because H1N1 is here for a while and we are so paranoid. The kids all still need their H1N1 boosters later this month, and Chris and I haven't had any H1N1 vaccine at all, so our household is still vulnerable. We know a handful of SMA kids who are recovering from H1N1 right now, so everyone send extra prayers their way.


  1. How exciting! Are they on any kind of supplement, too, or 'just' therapy?

    They are so cute!!!!!


  2. Yes, they are on carni-val. Not part of the clinical trial, because they're type 2, but it really seems to be working for them. We're thrilled with it.

  3. Way to go, my little Sailor-man! That is exciting!