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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Sink

An uncharacterstically long period of time has gone by since my last post. The good news is that things around here have been same old, same old, so there's not much newsworthy to share.

Chris and I got our H1N1 vaccines, finally. The kids all still need their booster shot for H1N1, but we're now that much closer to being fully vaccinated. What a relief. And what a great start to cold and flu season--all five of us are as healthy as ever so far, and we're doing our best to have fun and keep busy while staying out of crowds and away from anyone else who is sick.

We have found another house that we hope to buy. It's yet another foreclosure property, so there's no telling how it will all shake out, but so far it's the most ideal home for our needs that we've seen. We stepped through the threshold and noticed that there is no step in the front entry, and then noticed in the kids' bathroom it has a roll-in shower! The whole bathroom is wheelchair accessible, with handles at the toilet and a special shower head/handle. The floor plan is open and spacious, perfect for two little ones in wheelchairs. This house is barely 10 minutes away from our current house, so the location is ideal, too. We should know more in about 6 weeks, but we sure hope that the seller's lender can hold off on finalizing the foreclosure and allow us to buy the house first.

The Arizona Walk N Roll to Cure SMA takes place this Sunday. The weather is supposed to be divine--69 degrees and sunny--and we're super excited because there's a chance we may be able to bring the twins' demo powerchair with us to the walk. I can only imagine the glee on their faces when they get the opportunity to go zooming around the open areas of the park with the other wheelchair kids! They're getting so good at driving the chair. And Jenna doesn't know it yet, but she'll have a new Barbie scooter to ride at the Walk, because she's outgrown her first scooter. We've raised so much money for our team and are so grateful for everyone who has donated. We're about $400 away from our goal of a whopping $5,000 so if you've been meaning to donate but haven't do it now! Thursday is the last day to accept an online donation in order for it to count for our team at the Walk, but donations received after Friday will still be credited to the Arizona Chapter of FSMA and will be put to great use.

But everything this week happens under a cloud of grief for our friend Kory Hofferber. He was 21 years old when he was killed late Saturday night in a car accident near Flagstaff. Our days lately have been spent in sorrow and prayer for him and his family, and any prayers you can spare for Kory's family would be appreciated.

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