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Friday, August 28, 2009

More wheelchair fun

We headed outside after the sun began to set for some more wheelchair training. Lauren is impressing us greatly, and Kyle is right behind her. Watch the video and consider that she's spent a total of about 30 minutes driving this chair before today. The learning curve is a pretty big one, but she sure seems ready! You can see that their big sister sure is a big help.



  1. OMGOSH! I am so impressed that she knows circle & straight! Your twins are so much younger than mine, but I am 100% certain that Will wouldn't have a clue what I was asking if I told him to go in a circle. I'm so impressed!
    Way to go kiddies :)

  2. Cass they are SOOO smart! Love how big sis is such a valuable helper, too. Have you heard of the group Andrew's Buddies? A Richmond VA-based group committed to fighting SMA...Andrew Slay (for whom the group is named) used to live right around the corner from where we live now. We still see him and his family in the neighborhood occasionally on walks.

    Rooting for you all 100% -- here's the link, although I bet you've already got it!

  3. made my day seeing that video!! i forgot how tiny they are when they start driving. She's picking it up so quickly! I think it's time to crank up the speed. for reals.

  4. Cheryl, I know of Andrew's Buddies through Facebook--but I didn't realize you lived so close! And yup, we know about follow them on Twitter, even. :)

  5. I am SO impressed!!! Lauren is doing great and she is so smart to know circle. I'm even more impressed she stops when you say stop!

  6. You know kids with SMA tend to have very high IQ's, right? And apparently Miss Lauren and Mr. Kyle are right on target!! LOVE IT!