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Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindergarten: Day 1

Well, it was a milestone morning for the Byrd household. Our oldest, our baby girl, is off to kindergarten. She started off the morning with her favorite breakfast (hard boiled eggs), and then joined the neighborhood kids for the first of many walks to school.

Her new teacher is very nice (shocking!). The parents got to hang out in the classroom for a few mintues before meeting with the principal. I thought this would be a charming little free-coffee social in the cafeteria, but instead we were subjected to what could be the longest and most boring Powerpoint presentation ever. At least it's in the Top 5 Most Boring Powerpoints Ever, anyway.

In the end, none of the kids cried when the parents left. None of the parents cried when the parents left. And at early dismissal today, the kids seemed none for the worse. Jenna reports have a "good, fun time" on her first day. I wish I had more to report, but she doesn't seem overly impressed with anything in particular, except for the cafeteria. She's excited to eat lunch at big kid tables in "real life cafeteria". Here are some photos from her first day!


  1. what a cutie!! i remember my first day of K i wore a dress and cried my eyes out while my mom took pictures. i'm glad to see Jenna is much braver than i was :)

  2. What an exciting day! I'll have to agree with Melodie and say I cried on my first day of Kindergarten, too. Jenna is so brave! Is she going full days or half days?

  3. LOVE this! Am so jealous....the kindergarten year is such fun, and she looks to be acclimating like a champ already!

  4. None of the kids cried! She is going full days, though the first three days they have half days. Beginning this Thursday, kindergarten will go full days and get dismissed at 2:30 with the rest of the school.