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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We're all on our way to better health, finally.

Chris is still a little sniffle-y. Lauren is fine, despite a naptime vomit yesterday. Kyle got away with half a day of a runny nose. Jenna never got sick. And I still have a little congestion, but nothing anywhere near as bad as it got on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. Though I'm afraid I may genuinely be addicted to the electric suction machine, for myself. So much more efficient--and environmentally friendly!--than Kleenex.

We watched American Idol tonight. Whatever. Americans are stupid. I only watched half of the season, but Idol winner Kris Allen was more like a #3. It should have been between Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert, and Adam should have won. Far better singer, far better entertainer than Kris. Okay, I'm over it. (But probably not really.)

The twins have a check-up scheduled with the neurologist tomorrow. Should be fun times, what with the petri dish of a waiting room and the fact that the babies know what's going on the second I lay them on the scale to be weighed by the nurse. Somebody remind me to pack a bunch of Dum Dum's for the appointment, to help smooth the way towards a quiet exam room when the good doctor finally gets to us.

Check out this tablet PC that our therapist brought over for the babies to try out. It's so cool! And she has a bunch of toddler computer programs to load into it. A is for Apple, B is for Banana, that kind of thing. The twins flipped out over this. I love that they were so engaged with it--enraptured, really. I hate that it costs $2,200. It's a touchscreen, so the kids are tricked into using their arms and hands/fingers because they want to play with it. They have no idea they're giving themselves a workout, not to mention expanding their brain power. I need these kids to be computer savvy by the time they go to preschool. They'll need some smarts to find a cure for SMA one day, so we might as well start now.

I picked up a book from the library the other day that is so damned funny that I have to talk about it here. She had me laughing out loud by page 12. It's old--from 2001--but still hilarious. Bitter is the New Black by Jen Lancaster. Her style reminds me a little of a way-trendy Laurie Notaro. I think it's supposed to be an autobiography of sorts, but reads more like a humor essay. Just my kind of thing. You have to love any author who puts footnotes to her story which are just as funny as the anecdotal story it is in reference to. A great way to spend my time until the next Janet Evanovich book and the next Harry Potter movie are released this summer...

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