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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Day, 2009

What a great week it's been. Jenna, much to my surprise, has survived a week with no preschool (the school offers a summer session, but this was a one week break in between the regular school schedule and summer session, ack). More importantly, I have survived a week without Jenna being in preschool. Whew!

The twins continue taking their new meds without much complaint. This is SUCH a relief. It makes everything easier. Even better, it seems like the meds are helping. Their appetites are better, and I swear they are demonstrating better arm and hand strength everyday. And sitting up for longer periods of time. It is awesome! Our physical therapist can't be here for two more weeks, which means it will have been three weeks since she's seen them and I have to wonder if she won't notice an improvement in their strength. I don't know if that's enough time for this med to start working, but it can't just be our imaginations that they have more strength and endurance. And I love that I don't have to spend ALL my energy (mental and otherwise) to get them to consume calories. Don't get me wrong, it's not like they're suddenly eating like 16 year old varsity football players, but they do eat all of whatever it is they ask for, and are more interested in food in general. Which is a wonderful thing for peanuts sitting in the 3rd percentile.

Today, my old college pal Stacie hung out for a while with us and ate dinner. She had to rush off to a Fleetwood Mac concert (aw, man!), but before she did, Kyle said her name plenty of times. !! The boy who "can't" even say hi to his Grandma said, "Stacie" over and over. He's so sweet, if a stubborn boy. It was a great visit with Stacie, who is a good sport to come over and play with my children while I hang out on Facebook..... LOL

Jenna is having a slumber party tonight at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Kim and Ryan are hanging out in SoCal this weekend. It's a good time for all of the family. A hearty "thank you!" to all of our soldiers--here, there, everywhere--and those who have passed. Happy Memorial Day to my late Grandpa, a Korean War veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Thank you and miss you always, Grandpa.


  1. That is so great about the meds working! I bet the therapist will see a change when she sees them next. Those pictures are too cute. You are the queen of coordinating outfits :).

  2. Cute pics! I'm glad to hear your twins are doing well on the meds! Yay!