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Monday, May 18, 2009

All's unwell at the Byrd House

Just a quick update to spread the word that we're all sick here. An awful summer cold is being passed around among us. So far Jenna has been spared, but it started with Lauren and the moved to the rest of us. The fact that we're sick is significant, because we try to stay as germ-free as possible around the twins--they have sensitive respiratory systems and there is little room for a "harmless" cold around here. But surprisingly, this cold is staying in our upper respiratory track (that's better than in their lungs) and it's hit Chris and me far harder than the kids. It's been barely a blip on Kyle's radar screen. And Lauren had it pretty bad for about a day, and then she was better. But Chris and I have been in the pits for a solid 48 hours now with little sign of improvement. We're waiting for fevers, so that we can declare that we have Swine Flu, but there's no sign of fever, so that's good.

When Chris got sick a couple of months ago, he was excommunicated from the house until he was better, so that he didn't get the rest of us sick. But when I get sick, I guess I get to stay home. : ) Well, since the twins were the ones to pass the germs onto us anyway, it wasn't imperative that we leave them alone and take our germs with us, I guess.

That said, let it be known that I heart the twins' electric suction machine. I would marry it, if it were socially acceptable. I may never buy Kleenex again. Just me and a BBG suction tip hooked up to this bad boy. This is the life!


  1. oh geeze - I hope you guys are better soon! Isn't it weird how sometimes we get hit harder than the kids? I'm glad they were spared a little (as much as that sucks for you & Chris). That suction machine sounds pretty cool!

  2. So sorry to hear you're feeling so awful! :(
    That suction machine does sound awfully handy...

    Hang in there...keeping well wishes for the kids and recuperation wishes for you.