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Friday, September 9, 2011

Kitchen Sink

I haven't done a great job lately of utilizing this blog to update certain family members about life.  Let's remedy that.

Jenna is in week 3 of second grade and she's a rock star.  She has lots of homework but finishes it rapidly every night.  We've been walking to school every morning (too hot to walk home in the afternoon), and that's been nice.

The twins are back into the groove of school, but they're sick.  Lauren seemed to have monster allergies last weekend but was back to near-perfect health by the start of the week, but Kyle caught something (which he passed on to me, yay) and has had this lingering cough all week.  He missed every day of school this week, though today seems to be much better.  But now Lauren has a fever, terrible cough, and is throwing up.  I'm getting frustrated.  And worried.

I managed to golf three times this week.  Go me.

Also, baby shower planning in full effect.  You're welcome, economy.  

So, to make up for my laziness in blogging, enjoy some first day of school photos:

Year Three of a closed-eyes photo of Jenna on her first day of school.

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