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Monday, September 12, 2011

I guess Kyle doesn't care for hospital stays.

Locally here in the southwest, we have an amusing commercial for a tire company.  The premise is that a man in the hospital is completely bandaged with broken limbs is listening to his doctors exchange niceties about a tire deal and is so moved that he leaps out of his bed--and out of traction--ripping out tubes and IV and all, conceivably in order to get in his car and take advantage of such a deal.

The first few times Kyle saw this commercial, he was upset and disturbed because he thinks the man looks like a mummy (he does).  But now he loves watching this commercial.  Why?  He has recognized the patient's free will.  That guy can get up and run out of his hospital bed.  Yes, Kyle envies the actor in that commercial because that man can leave his bed and leave the hospital.

Kyle: I wish I was like that man with the casts, I wish I could get out of my bed and leave the hospital.

Me:  Oh, it's okay, his doctors were right there taking care of him and he didn't really HAVE to leave.

Kyle: Mama! When I'm in the hospital, I wish I could jump out of bed and leave.

Me:  It's okay, hun.  If you're in the hospital, I'm with you and you're right where you're supposed to be. I wouldn't want you to leave, not until the doctors say we can go home.

Kyle:  Mom, the next time I'm in the hospital, I want my legs to get strong and I want to run out of there like the man on that commercial.

My heart = broken.