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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pro Pack Mini Remote for Wii -- Two Thumbs Up!

Kyle loves playing the Wii, but between the small size of his hands and the lack of strength he suffers from, thanks to his muscular dystrophy (SMA 2), I've often wondered if a video game system with a smaller game remote would be easier for him.  Then one day I came across this mini Wii remote ($27 on Amazon, $35 at my Wal-Mart), and thought we would give it a try.

We like it!  At first, he was hesitant to use it because of the black color (he's only four.  He doesn't care much for change), but now he prefers it.  I'm applauding this product on this blog without the manufacturer's knowledge or expectation for anything in return, but only to spread the word around the disabled community (or frankly, even the "parents of small children" community) that this mini Wii remote might be a good choice for you.  The mini version has all the same buttons and functionality of the full sized version, and is accompanied by a mini nunchuk, too.

Since there is no way for one to visually compare the size of the mini version with the full sized version until after purchase, allow me to help:

What I've tried to demonstrate in the last photo is how not only is the mini version shorter, but it's also slimmer.  The full sized version (white, in my photos) is not only longer but fatter than the mini version (black, in my photos).  The mini version also weighs less--possibly because it uses alkaline batteries instead of the rechargeable Wii battery, which must weigh more.  All in all, a great product for small hands or for people who struggle a little with the bulk and size of the standard Wii remote.  Two thumbs up!

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  1. That's awesome!! Wish they had that, or that I knew about that last year. "D" would get SO frustrated with the big Wii remote, this would have eliminated a whole bunch of headache. He's handling the regular remote much better this year. Glad you found something so Kyle could get his game on!! YAY!!