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Monday, July 25, 2011

Ice Skating

I shot this a few weeks ago when the kids and I visited Ice Den, a local ice rink which was hosting a fantastically fun "Christmas in July" event.

For you families new to the wheelchair lifestyle like we are, here's your proof that someone in a wheelchair can have at least as much fun on the ice as an able-bodied person.  I don't have better/more video footage than this, because the twins proceeded to passionately argue over who got to drive Kyle's chair.  Lauren's chair has been broken for six weeks, so this is life until Permobil and the State of Arizona decide to employ some common sense and maybe just MAYBE stock parts locally and maybe just MAYBE not require a doctor's prescription for a bad electric cable to be replaced on a little girl's wheelchair.  But anyway.  View and crack up like I did.

Surprised they let wheelchairs on the ice?  Don't be.  The Zamboni® weighs way more, sillies.


  1. OK the wheelchair on ice is cute and all but Jenna is the one cracking me up hanging off the back. Way better than buckets, eh?

  2. that is hilarious!!! Love how Jenna is trying to give Lauren instructions on where to go and Lauren is not having any backseat drivers!!

  3. ha ha - love it! Two things - why is Santa Claus there? And Jenna looks SO much like your mom here!

  4. I have mant fond memories of driving as fast as possible, abruptly stopping, and seeing how far the chair would glide. I think I hit the boards once. :) Glad they had a good time.

    6 weeks? That makes me so angry. I hope Lauren has her wheels back by now.