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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mom's Day in Pre-K

Wednesday was "Mom's Day" in the twins' pre-k class. Such a sweet idea, and very sweet crafts and songs they had prepared for us.

Ask me later how much fun it is to go back and forth between two classrooms for two children who wish that once, just once, they wouldn't have to share Mom. That's the only bad thing about having them in two difference classes--but other than that, the list of pros is very long.

How did I forget to ask someone to take my own photo with my children? How lame. That was the whole point of the day!

Singing a Mom song with her class.

Kyle making a bracelet for/with me.

I finally brought brother over to visit sister's class. She was happy to see him and he was happy to be there (because that's where I was).

The special wooden seats with trays you see them each in are the Rifton chairs. I'd get a couple for the house if a) I won the lottery and b) if they were vertically adjustable. Other than that, those are some pretty nifty sit-and-play chairs which offer ample trunk and head support.

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