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Friday, May 6, 2011

As You Wish--clutch when it comes to a gift for Grandma

Before kids (and while still enjoying our full DINK status), I never had a hard time knocking it out of the park every year when it came to a Mother's Day gift for my mom. Something about having kids depleted my creativity stores (and, um, wallet--wave goodbye to gifts from the Coach Store from now on, Mom), so unless she has hinted that she's almost out of her White Diamonds or that her Consumer Reports subscription is up for renewal, the most obvious choice of gifts is something that the kids make at the local paint-your-own pottery joint, As You Wish.

I took them there last weekend while Chris was out of town. As You Wish survived. The children's clothes, not so much.

Happy children, pre-painting.

Jenna, shaking a paint bottle.

Happy Lauren.

Kyle, who has since had a much-needed haircut.

The finished product! We made a vase which reads, "We Love You Bunches!" along the top and the three kids' hand prints turned into flowers. I added four more expertly* hand-drawn flowers along the bottom to represent my sister and our husbands and me. This (sadly) might be our best As You Wish effort yet!

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