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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wheelchair Accident #2

A couple months ago, Lauren rear ended Kyle while they were racing around the house and smashed her foot, which was unprotected and hanging off her foot plate. She was bruised, but not broken.

Then, a few weeks ago Kyle was the subject of the wheelchair hazards. The accident involved him being loaded onto the school bus. It was nobody’s fault--a complete accident—but it resulted in three broken Kyle toes. He’s mostly healed now and has been such a trooper, but he seems very averse to getting back into his chair.

Keep in mind, he’s only three. He’s not a proficient driver on a good day anyway. But since his accident I just cannot convince him to get back into his chair. When he goes to school, he has no choice—he’s in his wheelchair. But at home all he wants is to sit in his high chair and not be moved. I literally have to push his high chair from the kitchen to the play room or wherever he wishes to go. I know at this point that he’s not in pain, so I suspect he’s just afraid of his wheelchair.

How to get him over his fear and back in the saddle? Or the chest harness, as it were? Anyone been there done that?

The whole thing pretty much blows chunks.


  1. Goodness gracious! I was sure their accidents would involve running someone down - the little speed demons! Poor Kyle!

  2. That makes MY foot hurt!!! Poor Kyle.

    Poor you.