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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wheelchairs and Flooring and Sex.

Just kidding. There's no sex in this post. But who would click on this to read about wheelchairs and flooring at 10pm on a Saturday night? I thought so.

Today, a lovely man from an upstanding flooring company quoted us $17,000 to tile our new house.

Give me a second to process that figure. See "Money Pit" reference in previous post.

Okay, so this estimate is based on 20" porcelain tile for 2200 square feet of empty house. He claims that the porcelain tile is stronger than ceramic, and since our floors will have so much powerchair traffic, this is what we need. The chairs weigh 311 pounds, plus the weight of the children, so he does have a point about considering the most durable floor option.

My question to you, interwebz: is he right? You folks who deal with power wheelchairs in your own homes, what tips can you provide me in terms of durability? I'd love to do wood floors, but I can't see the wood holding up under all that use as well as tile. Are there other (cheaper) options about which I need to know?

Finally caught Kyle looking very Roberto Luongo-ish in his Dynasplints. He doesn't even call them splints or braces anymore--they are is "hockey pads", and he is very proud of them! (I know you've seen these from an earlier post, but now that he has his Canucks shirt on I had to share.)


  1. Whoa. How much would concrete be?!?!?


  2. Stained concrete is cool. When we did some tile it was MUCH cheaper to price the tile ourselves and then price the installation. Big box stores can give you an idea how much to pay/sq foot for installation. I paid for the tile but made arrangements for the installers to pick it up. Worked fine.

  3. Had a beautiful porcelain sink in France and it ate everything including "break resistant" wine glasses. Really hard to cut (thus the install price). We spent that much on a car this weekend, Houston and PHX are in the money due to us!

  4. Um, love the new site look. How'd I miss that? And Kyle is too cute in his "hockey" gear!