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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bienvenue a Canada

[Truthfully, I don't know if French requires the use of the personal "a", but that's what I wrote because it sounded right.]

My flight was mostly on time. Flight was uneventful--but only because I was as far away from a window as I could possibly be (see: agoraphobia). I introduced my seatmate to the magic that is mental_floss magazine. And I think I even dozed off--sweet.

And then I landed and the Canadians are adorable. They are so friendly and bubbly and helpful and they put up with me wanting my photo taken at "The Oval" at midnight and they use this adorable, colorful pretend money and I don't even know what it really means.

My BFF Jenn. aka Vancouver's biggest fan and office of tourism unofficial spokeswoman.

Me! Shivering outside of The Oval! Just kidding, it was around 55*F.

And yes, I could throw a rock and hit BC Place. Hm, well maybe not a rock. Okay, I could hit a golf ball with my 4 iron and hit BC place--it's so close!

More to come! Maybe. Just kidding, totally more to come. Perhaps.

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