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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Humpty Dumpty. Again.

One year minus one day ago, and she fell in her high chair to the floor again.  364 days since the first time this happened.  Firstly, the poor, poor girl.  Secondly, this is the last time she will sit in this high chair.  Nothing against the high chair, but a 30 pound kiddo repeatedly pushing her body against the high chair tray will eventually cause the high chair to tip over.

It's time--it's BEEN time--for a proper feeder seat for the twins.  I admit, the absolute hassle with insurance approving this has been the primary reason why I haven't pursued this yet, but I'm pretty sure our insurance would rather these kids sit in thousand dollar chairs than pay the hospital bills when they tip over on the tile floor and break bones.  That will not be pretty, or cheap.

The Tiger Serval HighLow seat--anyone have experience with this?  I want something on wheels which can move up or down, and has a tray.

Also, proof that she is happy and healthy.  But she REALLY needs a new feeder seat.  The one above costs $2,000--does that make one iota of sense to anyone?  It's not even mechanical!  It's just a chair on wheels!  Welcome to our world.


  1. Cassandra, that chair is awesome! Do you know if the back reclines at all? I am looking for a new seating system for Nicholas as well.

  2. Some of the families I have worked with have a wombat chair

    It tilts and the back also reclines. The entire chair can be raised or lowered, too. Looks like it is about the same or maybe a little more than the one you linked to. Good luck in your search!

  3. Insurance companies. They are beyond frustrating. Wishing you luck in your quest for safety for your beautiful children. Big love, Deb