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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

May the Force Be With Them.

Sometime last month there was a Star Wars marathon on television.  Kyle caught a few minutes of it and has been hooked ever since.  He's been watching one of the Star Wars discs at least once per day, and imagines everyday objects as light sabers as he and his twin sister act out scenes from the movie.

It's quite endearing. 

What follows in this clip is a sampling of his obsession.  I feel bad for George Lucas (and John Williams, for that matter) that our phone number is unlisted, but if he really wants Kyle to elaborate on his favorite moments in Star Wars then I guess he can just leave a comment here like everyone else...?


  1. I think the Force IS with them and has been for a while! I've watched this twice (much more fun than paying bills), and I've howled both times. They are such entertainers!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing them :)


  2. Oh, I love this! I enjoyed watching them eat tasty Cheetos while their pumps were delivering food to their tummies at the same time. I am sure the Cheetos taste much better!!

  3. You are so raising these kids right. every one should have Millenium Falcon exposure. And I thought my dad was the only person to sing along with the Star Wars theme. John Williams is proud. The force is strong with them.

  4. I had to watch it again. I love these two. They make my day so much better! Merry Christmas to your adorable family!!!

  5. Cass, you seem a little hesitant in your Star Wars knowledge. Maybe the twins need to school you a little!!

    They are so darn cute!!!

  6. Oh they are so adorable!! Your daughter reminds me of mine when there is a camera on her lol.