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Monday, June 13, 2011

If you don't eat your dinner, then... can't go out for a walk with us.  That's right--I am my family's neighborhood park Nazi.  You won't finish your Mickey Mouse chicken nuggets?  THEN NO PARK FOR YOU.

The heat hasn't been much of a factor, because we go just before sunset.  Last night I brought only the oldest and the youngest, while the middle child stayed home with Dad to think long and hard about what happens when you don't eat your "processed we assume it's chicken but we don't really know for sure but hey it's compressed into the shape of a lovable cartoon character" dinner.

I love those two close-ups up of Kyle and Jenna, a couple photos above. With the photo of Jenna at the picnic table, it's a rare snapped shot of how she really looks on any given day--plus, I spy a tiny bit of my mom in her face. And with the photo of Kyle, well, I am always a fan of a head shot of my boy.

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  1. I totally see your mom in Jenna! And your dad in Kyle. So cute!