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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bringing Our Zoo to the Zoo.

Three adults. Eight children. I'm not sure the Phoenix Zoo will ever be the same.

We met up with two of my favorite parent-bloggers (Kelly & Dave) at the zoo yesterday, bright and early. And to tell you the truth? I can't even tell you which exhibits we saw. I think there was an elephant? Perhaps a toucan was involved? All I know is that I sweat a lot, ate a ham sandwich, and tap danced around a spastic snake on the path to the zoo's exit. It's possible that there may have been some squeals, tears, begging, and popcorn on the part of the children in between our entrance and exit--I don't even know. It was a complete circus. But the bottom line is that we got out of the house, it barely reached 90 degrees, and the kids all had a blast with each other.

Note the fancy clamp-on umbrellas that my twins are sporting--courtesy of Grandma and JC Penney.

Now off to figure out what indoor activities we can do in Phoenix, since it doesn't appear that we'll be seeing high temps below 90 degrees Fahrenheit for about 6 months now.

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