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Monday, November 10, 2008

No patience for picky eaters in this house!

We have some food problems here. ugh. I think this is a normal age for toddlers to get picky or weird about what they eat, but times two? BLARG!

A week ago, they were still eating Gerber baby oatmeal for breakfast, and tubs of baby food for lunch and dinner, and some snacks consisting of crackers or cheese. But as of this weekend, baby food is no longer acceptable to them! I knew it would happen eventually... in fact, I bet most moms don't feed baby food to their kids at 16 months anymore. But I liked it because they 1) ate it and 2) it was easy to quantify... they each got equal parts of every tub of food. But now? Kyle squishes all baby food out his teeth and onto his shirt. And Lauren literally turns up her nose and squints her eyes closed if I even try to present her with a spoonful of oatmeal or baby food or anything of similar consistency. What the heck do I feed them now?? They won't eat anything! Actually, they eat lots of things, but not enough to equal a meal...

Goldfish crackers are almost always an accepted "food". Cheese usually is too. And we just discovered mandarin oranges which while a little messy, are a huge hit. I've had high hopes for chicken nuggets, but they only eat them about half the time I offer them. Ooh, and sliced olives are surprisingly popular, too.

On top of that, the GI doctor wants Kyle to start gaining more weight. And while it's tempting to give him olive oil from a sippy cup (LOL), I'm searching for other easy ways to add calories to his already finicky diet.

It's seriously like a full time job coming up with things that they'll eat, and then making sure that they're each eating enough and not just handing their food over to their twin (Kyle) or stealing it from the other's tray (Lauren). It's pretty cute though when Kyle hands Lauren a bite of food, and Lauren snatches it out of his hand and says "thank you", LOL.

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  1. That is pretty cute what Lauren does, and so polite too! Goldfish crackers are still a huge hit here too. Any cracker for that matter. I dread meal time some days.

    gagging at the idea of olive oil from a sippy cup. ha ha!